Your child can be
reading in a week with
“The Reading Game”!

It starts with a simple
fast action-memory card game that teaches five
words at a time.

Picture flashcards reinforce words learned through game play with simple phrases and introduce capitalization
and punctuation.

Each of the content rich stories is told using only
the 30 words learned through game play.

This staged learning format ensures success and no frustration - and builds confidence and enjoyment
in reading!

On completing the series, the student has a reading vocabulary of 180 words, many of them Dolch and High Frequency words and will have successfully
read six storybooks
all on their own.

The Reading Game was created by “Wordly Wise” author Kenneth Hodkinson, and meets Common Core Standards for Language and Literacy Arts.


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How The Game Works

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The Reading Game includes six beautifully illustrated story books, six decks of matching playing cards, & a Teacher and Parent's Guide

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Sometimes you find a company that just 'gets it!' That is what we have here. The creators of The Reading Game 'get it!' Making reading fun and easy encourages those who are new to it and reluctant even, to begin on the journey and not look back. It is a nice, comprehensive set, that is easy to understand and use right out of the box. This is great to have for at home, a preschool or a learning center at your kindergarten class." 

Family Review Center
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"The Reading Game is a favorite activity with my kindergarten students... I'm amazed by how quickly they are retaining all these new sight words-and enjoying the process!"

Susan Drinker, Kindergarten Teacher Main Street Elementary, Exeter, NH

“The Reading Game is a great product - it is the foundation
of reading, period!”

Jennifer Skeels
Reading Intervention Specialist, La Mesa/Spring Valley School District, CA

“My son has benefited tremendously from The Reading Game. He loves playing the matching card game and it is a great way to get him learning words. My son was so proud the first time he read book # 1 - he couldn't wait to begin the next set of flash cards so he could read the second book. I love that the books tell interesting stories. Many of the other beginner reading books are boring in comparison. He has also learned more challenging words by doing the flash cards. It is much better to see and learn the words on the flashcards first, rather than seeing them in a book and getting frustrated by not knowing them.
It’s been a fun way to learn.”

Larissa Kiers

"All the students love the concentration memory game piece and the stories about animals are age appropriate/engaging (even my third grader with learning disabilities loves it and doesn’t find it babyish)"

Nicole Thoen
Instructional Intervention Coach Hillsborough District, Portland Orgeon

The Reading Game is viral on
Homeschool Blogs & Reviews!

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The Reading Game includes six decks of matching word playing cards, six sets of picture flashcards, six beautifully illustrated story books, & a Teacher and Parent's Guide Ages 4 & Up        2 or More Players

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