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"If you are getting ready to teach your child to read or struggling to teach your child to read, this post is for you.  I have posted in the past about my daughter who is a struggling reader…I am pleased to say with The Reading Game we have been experiencing breakthrough upon breakthrough!  Yes!!  I knew she could do it.  

In the past we have tried method after method of getting her to read without sounding out every s-i-n-g-l-e sound…ugh!  I don’t know how many times I say a day “if you know the word just say the word.”  But she just either forgets easily, doesn’t grasp the concept or just plain didn’t want to…lol!  I was stumped and frustrated and just as the feeling of hopelessness tried to consume me, we were given the opportunity to try The Reading Game.

I cannot tell you enough about how this game has changed the way she reads, she is actually reading and not slowly blending anymore, she gets it…YES! (queue the Hallelujah Chorus) I’ve always read to my children, but I love it when they can read to me too!

I know that not everything is for everyone…But I will have to say I have struggled to teach my child and this game me real help & her confidence has tremendously increased.  Now all the other methods that I have used with her work, but The Reading Game was what got the ball rolling with my hands on learner.  

We have a lot of fun playing and aren’t even half way through the game yet. But let me tell you this game is always on her mind, she loves it so much she asks constantly to play, she loves the fact that she is actually reading now and has become so much more excited to try all the other methods again…love it!

I hope this post will encourage that mom out there that is dealing with a struggling reader, there is hope, just keep on trying and something is bound to work."

                            -Homeschool Mama Review


"Is your child just beginning to read? The Reading Game is a fun supplement for reinforcing early readers through simple, fast-paced card games and storybooks. Once your child can recognize letter sounds, he or she is ready for The Reading Game.
 It's that simple! One lesson can be as quick as a few minutes, or it can last several minutes if your child's interest stays strong. The cards and books are engaging, but they don't include lots of bells and whistles which might distract new readers....
The Reading Game
is appropriate for
any new reader, but could be especially useful
for children who enjoy more active learning.
The method is simple but creative....
                            -The Old Schoolhouse Magazine


The Reading Game is one of my favorite hands on games/activities for children learning reading skills.  The format is simple, effective and fun.  The fun is not due to compromising on quality or building a solid foundation.  In fact, the format is exactly the right way to teach and could run the risk of being considered boring if not for the "game" and reward of reading a story."
Richelle, author of Under the Golden Apple Tree


“We’ve been playing a new game at our house called The Reading Game(it’s put out by the author of Wordly Wise — which I really LIKE a lot!) and we both enjoy playing AND learning as we play. This was the easiest set-up for a game and a fantastic way to improve reading skills. I KNEW that The Reading Game would be a good fit for our family. Kenneth Hodkinson has another great success with it!...”
                                   -This Day Has Great Potential


“I LOVE IT!!!!  I can’t contain it until the middle of the post! I had to tell you right off the bat, The Reading Game is awesome!!... I am so very pleased with the results. Whether you are working with a brand new reader, or a reader with special
needs, The Reading Game can help..…”
                                         -Creative Learners Review


“It was sooooo much fun to play! …How do I know it works?  Well,  (my son) can write and read the words weeks later.  I give him a “spelling test” and ask him to write his 5 words. We look for those words when we are out, on menus or signs, even on labels.  We hunt for them inside books.  They are being locked into his memory, and that is evidenced by squeals from the back seat as we drive around town doing errands, squeals that nearly make me levitate”
                                                  ...A Teaching Heart


“My kids LOVED this game and what was even more exciting then that was my middle son who has learning issues and struggles to read really LOVED the game.  It brought tears to my eyes to see how into the game he was.  When you can make a subject fun for a child that usually dreads it, you know it is a hit!”
                                                    -Angela’s Analysis


“Our kids LOVE this game.  All 3 of them like to play it and everyday our 6 year old asks me to play it with him at least once a day. As a former Pre-K teacher, I love how this game also meets many of the Common Core Standards making it a true learning game.”
                                                 -The Johns Family


“We have a team of people that work with (our son), and with us to help us best meet his special needs. When Mr. Steady and I first learned of the dyslexia, our first question was, “How can we help our son?”
I showed the specialist The Reading Game. He looked through it, nodded, and said, “This is perfect for him. This is exactly how he should be learning to read.”
      -Heritage Homestead and Homeschool Academy 


“I was quite impressed with the books. I'm not sure I've ever seen beginning reading books that didn't look babyish and that didn't have overly simplified stories. I would have no problem introducing these books to an older child who is struggling to read.”
               -Through the Calm and Through the Storm


“The first thing you will notice about The Reading Game is its quality.  If you're anything like me, you get discouraged by how quickly the boxes on your kids' games seem to disintegrate, first splitting at the corners, and then ripping up the sides.  That is not going to happen with The Reading Game.  Everything from the box to the soft cover storybooks to the laminated and damage-resistant cards is of the highest quality. This is a game that will stand the test of time.  If you happen to be fortunate enough to have younger readers in your home, you will be using this game quite frequently!

In terms of giving kids confidence in recognizing sight words and making them feel that they can actually sit down and read a book, this game can't be beat.”
                                                 -My (Re)View Point 


Oh how I love The Reading Game!
                                                        -Our Best Daze


“There are many products on the market today under the disguise of games intended to teach children to read. Many make claims that children will be reading at young ages, or reading at high levels quickly. Sometimes these games help children excel at reading, but more often than not, these products fall short in the eyes of the consumer. I was fortunate enough to be able to review one such item that not only met but also exceeded my expectations for a game designed to teach beginning reading skills.”
                                                          -Modest Mama


“I know that the memories Levi and I build because we are playing this game are going to stay with him, and hopefully he'll always associate reading with fun!”
                                  -Reaping A Harvest


“We all like this game.  My little non-reader is becoming a reader--slowly, but in a fun way.  The multi-sensory approach of the game connects for him.  He feels like he is accomplishing something and "winning", and we see that he is memorizing words and beginning to try to read.  He loves to find the word matches.  He loves animals.  The best part, he now wants to figure out more words and constantly asks "What do those letters say?" What a fun way to learn what could be a tough subject!  It's a keeper!”
                                        -Pondering on the Prairie


“It is a wonderful memory game that reinforces new words and then uses those same words in a simple book to build confidence in your reader. I think it is especially useful for new or struggling readers.”
                                        -Purposeful Homemaking 


“Sight word learning is the way my girls have learned to read. All of them have struggled in one way or another with phonics alone.  So this game has provided a new way for my girls to see the words and the best part was they didn't feel like it was school!
It was quick rounds and I felt like it was goal driven practicing the same words until the girls recognized them.”
                                                  -Kelly from Believe 


“The readers are illustrated with cute black and white drawings and are each about a different kind of animal: skunk, snake, bear, penguin, unicorn and zebra. The books are written in rhyming form and there is no punctuation for the sentences. This gives you a wonderful opportunity for your student to learn to punctuate the sentences properly. It's always such a blessing to find fun ways to reinforce good reading skills that children enjoy.”
                                                      -My Blessed Life 


“In terms of accessibility, the series is perfect for many special needs populations including those with processing disorders due to the non-distracting, clear, crisp, and contrasting print of the cards and story books where the words are displayed. …The cards were easily brailled for blind and DeafBlind students. For the blind and DeafBlind teacher such as myself,

I brailled the cards with not only the word, but also the game number and the book animal to help me keep the cards properly separated for ease of use and to prevent confusion while teaching… It is wonderful to see a product that is useful as is or so easily modified to benefit the possible varying abilities of many students…”
                                                      -Deaf Blind Hope


“As a Mom with three active children…one thing that is a MUST for me is:  anything that comes into our home must be a good value and be self contained.  I truly cannot handle anything that has poor craftsmanship.  This game definitely fits the bill.  The box is sturdy, the cards are made to last and the books capture my little guy’s attention. Truth-be-known…his big sister (who is eight) has been enjoying the games, too! … I give The Reading Game two thumbs up.  And….I’ll let you in on a secret….I have had my 8 and 9 year old play with the little guy “to help Mommy” some nights while I cook dinner.  What they did not realize is that…it was helping them with their reading, as well!”
                        Read the full review: Have Fun with
               The Reading Game | Mom's Mustard Seeds


 “If your child is in a rut with earning to read, laying off of the formal reading lessons and "playing" this game might just be the ticket to get him interested enough to pursue reading in earnest. I feel blessed to have received this game and appreciate how much the kids have enjoyed it.”
                          -The Blessings Pour Out


“How precious it was to see (my daughter’s) eyes light up when she realized that she made a match and then to recognize a word she may have just learned - oh, that was just icing on the cake.  This inspired her to want to learn more and more and more words.  She didn't want to do any other school because she was making such progress with The Reading Game.
I highly recommend this game for your up-and-coming reader.”
                                  -My Own Sense and Sensibility


“If you want to find a game that your kids will ask to play again and again, then The Reading Game is one to choose.  The best part is, you will also be doing school at the same time!”
                                  -Grace Christian Homeschool


“I used this program with EXCELLENT results with Montana and recommend it wholeheartedly! She is now reading and writing sight words.  She is so enthusiastic about it too, I love it!  The Reading Game makes it fun and exciting to learn to read.  The stories are great too and build confidence with each new word learned.”
                                                 -A Stable Beginning

“I think this game would make a great Christmas gift for a new reader and a wonderful addition to any reading/phonics curriculum.”
                                           -Kramer Cottage School


“I love the emphasis on really learning so many basic words that do NOT get enough focus in most reading programs.  I love the game format, and the animal labels (instead of graded labels) for the levels…it has been a hit in my household”
                                            -Footprints in the Butter


“I like the's simple, but effective. I also like that it's uncomplicated enough that I can have an older sibling play it with her while I work with someone else. Any fairly fluent reader can play the card matching portion of the game with the student. The books are well done, with cute illustrations and fun stories.  The Reading Game has been great practice for Peanut and has given her more confidence! And she's had fun doing it!”
                                                 -Home With Purpose


“I am a firm believer in teaching phonics to produce great readers. Having a firm foundation in phonics does not negate the need for “sight words” or memorizing “frequency words”.  You can give your child confidence and fluency in early reading but helping them to memorize those words. There are a variety of ways that this task can be approached and The Reading Game is a fun way to put these words to memory, build confidence and allow your child the quick feedback of reading a book.”
                                                    -Life In The Tribe


“In our K4 class we have been averaging 4 new sight words every two weeks... we have also been working on learning to read by phonics blending... so far I really like the mixture of the two methods... I find that by learning the sight words the kids gain confidence in reading... and enjoy putting the sight words together to make sentences... for us... this game was a perfect fit!!!”
           -The Ramblings and Adventures of S.A.H.M.


“It's very difficult to find enough reading resources for those early readers.  The Reading Game is an excellent tool to add to your current program, and add some fun!”
                                                       -Bentz Academy


“I wish I had had this game when (my elder daughter) was learning to read.  It's a great supplement and works perfectly for learning those pesky sight words that just don't follow the rules of phonics.”
                                                 -Embracing Destiny


“I have wanted to incorporate sight words, but did not have a good program or plan for what I wanted to do. (The Reading Game) has provided excellent structure with a fun model for learning.”
                                     -Speak up Saturday Reviews


“I highly encourage you to check out this game.
It even has appeared in's Top Educational Gifts of 2011.  If you have a child on the verge of reading or recently starting to read, this would make a wonderful gift!”
                                                -Krazy Kuehner Days


“The Reading Game is a wonderful fit for our family. The exciting part for me was hearing him read these words in other books. Seeing him put the game into practice ensured me that he truly was learning these words by sight not just knowing that these letters make this word in this book, kinda thing. Overall, the speed and accuracy of his reading have improved.”
                                                          -Raising Leafs


“In a world where reading early and getting ahead is foremost in many parent educator's minds, The Reading Game comes along as a breath of fresh air!  The maker of Wordly Wise, Kenneth Hodkinson, presents (in his own words) his "second great idea in forty years". And a great idea indeed! No parent or teacher I know of wants to watch a child dissolve into tears and frustration because she can't remember what letters make which sounds or struggles with reading. But we all know reading is important and some children don't take to the process as easily as others! Even if you have an eager reader, The Reading Game is a great way to play your way through learning sight words.  This teaching tool truly does 2 jobs: it teaches an emergent reader how to read and it takes the pain out of the process.”
                                            -The LaRocque Family


“I know my (three children) enjoy playing the game because they ask to play it. I know the game is helping them with reading because I have seen improvement in my 7 year old, and my 5 year old has memorized quite a few words and remembers them when she comes across them later. I would recommend The Reading Game for beginning readers, or readers who struggle a bit with common sight words…”
                              -Stairsteps Homeschool Academy


“ANYONE CAN LEARN TO READ. This is the motto over at The Reading Game.  I’ll have to admit, reading just hasn’t “clicked” for my youngest yet. With his developmental delays, and his challenges with processing information, etc., he is still struggling with reading. The Reading Game is proving to be a fun way for him to learn word recognition, though!...”


“There are many great things to be said about The Reading Game, one of which was stated during a field study in a learning environment, "I found the game to be a phenomenal tool for memory and reading. There is nothing I would change about the game." The Reading Game makes learning to read entertaining and exciting. What kid wouldn’t want to play games and
read all at the same time? What fun!”
                                     -Read the full review here.


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“(My Daughter) loved playing the game and it was fun and
exciting to see her adding more and more sight words to her reading vocabulary. She enjoys reading the stories and she cannot wait to get to the unicorn book,
which is book five.”

Joy in the Journey
Click for Full Review


“LOVED This game.
We will play this with our
non-reading children and grandchildren for years to come!”

Krista LaRocque,

“When I ask my son to bring a book for us to read, he reaches for The Reading Game now.
I'm a firm believer in this one. 
I want my friends to know about it.
It really works!”

A Day In The Life…
Click for Full Review

“I highly recommend checking this product out!"

The Fantastic Five
Click for Full Review

“Super awesome resource!”

The Gustafsons

“I highly recommend this game, especially if you have boys that rather be outside
building forts!”

Count it All Joy!

“The stories are well-written, they seem like “big-kid” stories.  The feeling of accomplishment by the reader is palpable!  The Reading Game is a well researched, supplemental reading program, that promotes long term retention of words.  It is serious FUN!

Knee Deep in Grace

“The Reading Game makes for a great present that will enchant both
parent and child.”

Live, Laugh and Learn 

“This is one of those tools that I wish I had discovered years ago to use with my first child when I was teaching him to read!"

Note-Able Scraps

“So many first readers are just plain boring and in my opinion do not engage children in a way that they should. The Reading Game is different though. These books are interesting and involve animals in their storyline which my own children have really enjoyed.”

Adventures in Unsell Land

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The Reading Game includes six decks of matching word playing cards, six sets of picture flashcards, six beautifully illustrated story books, & a Teacher and Parent's Guide
Ages 4 & Up        2 or More Players

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